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  • What’s the difference between Scriptic and Scriptic: Netflix Edition?
    Scriptic is our core mobile platform, which offers all our interactive shows across multiple genres – crime, horror, romance, comedy – with regular content and feature updates. Scriptic: Netflix Edition is a fixed offering of two seasons of our crime drama Dead Man’s Phone – Redman and Unmasked. This slice of Scriptic content is available for Netflix subscribers and accessed through the Netflix app on your phone.
  • Is Scriptic available on my TV or only through my phone?
    Scriptic is a phone-first storytelling platform and so only available through your smartphone and tablet.
  • How often do new interactive shows launch on Scriptic?
    We are currently dropping new series/episodes on Scriptic every month. We are also introducing new features and improvements to the Scriptic platform on a regular basis.
  • Do I need a strong internet connection to play Scriptic, or can I play offline?
    You will need to download the app, but each episode can be downloaded in advance and then played offline.
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